Food Safety & Security

quality control 2Safety & Well Being of Our Work Force

Kane Beef employees are an invaluable resource and the Kane Beef enterprise is committed to keeping our employees safe. Employee safety comes first and is non-negotiable. All Kane Beef team members complete OHSA approved safety training sessions on a regular basis. We believe the culture of our operation is directly correlated to the safety and culture of our workforce. Our workers returning home to their families, just the way they left is the core principle of our safety program.

Food Safety

Our goal is to continually improve our program to provide you with beef that is safe and wholesome. Food safety has always been a top priority with Kane Beef. Our comprehensive Food Safety systems are led not only by our Food Safety experts, but by the entire Kane Beef team. We strive to continually improve and enhance our Food Safety systems and work with leading experts around the globe to bring our customers and our families the safest product possible. We have a proven track record of excellent food safety practices, and we consistently meet and exceed the USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service (USDA/FSIS) best practices. Kane Beef adheres to the Global Food Safety Initiative and was one of the first beef facilities of its size to be certified in this global standard.

Working for a better tomorrow

Kane Beef is committed to upholding our core principles: Partnership with our producers, Animal Welfare and handling, Safety and well being of our work force, and Food Safety. From working with our ranchers to improve their programs, to investing in the latest food safety systems, we are dedicated to producing the best quality beef, for you and your family.

Our Producers are Our Partners

Kane Beef is sourced from a focused network of Texas cattle suppliers who share our passion for meat quality. Our attention is on quality, not quantity, and by working with this exclusive group of producers, we are able to ensure that the cattle they raise is the right choice for you and your family.