Animal Health & Welfare

Integrity and respect are at the core of our company principles, and this is a key component of our Animal Welfare programs.

  • Texas Cattle Feeders Association – Beef Quality Assurance program combines knowledge of the cattle industry, veterinarians, nutritionists and other animal scientists to train producers on proper care and handling procedures. The BQA program audits feedyards annual regarding cattle care, handling and facilities.
  • Temple Grandin – A notable Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State Univeristy, designer of livestock handling facilities, and an authority on the humane handling of livestock designed the animal-handling facilities at Kane Beef.
  • All employees involved in handling livestock have been trained to follow the “Recommended Animal Handling Guides” published by AMI (July 2013) and Dr. Temple Grandin.
  • Siliker Corporation – Independent 3rd party animal handling and welfare audits.