Our Community

While South Texas is our home, the Kane Beef neighborhood extends far beyond the borders of the Lonestar State. Kane Beef serves customers across the US and in numerous countries, providing nutritious beef products from our local ranchers to dinner plates across the world. In the midst of the global age, Kane Beef has still retained our Texas roots, and giving back to our community is a hallmark of the Kane Beef mission.

More than 700 employees make up the Kane Beef family. Hearing the successes, struggles, joys and hardships of our co-workers inspires us to reach out, and extend the support system of our Kane Beef family to the community at large. By providing numerous scholarships, local sports team sponsorship, youth agricultural development and contributions to health related charities we are able to strengthen our community and benefit employees who have contributed to the success of Kane Beef.

2015 Craig Reynolds Scholarship Winners

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